Product Designer

My name is Patrik Vulic. You probably had to read my lastname twice. Let me explain! I am originally from Croatia but I have been living in the Netherlands as far as I can remember. My parents came here due to the civil war of Yugoslavia. We are very happy here but we go back every summer to see our family :) 


The love for creativity is something that was and is burning very bright within me. It started when I was younger with music. I chose the guitar as my instrument because I was amazed by the sound it could produce. When I started to master the guitar I really enjoyed being able to translate feelings and emotions into the sound of this instrument. If you are curious about some of my music you can check this link


Later on in life I discovered digital design and I just knew. If you were to ask me to choose a job to practice for the rest of my life for free, it would be making music and digital design. The lust to create is something I have to feed on a daily basis. Now that I have the chance to help others due to my knowledge and skills is what makes me a complete man. 


UX/UI Design, Identity & Branding, Interaction Design, Digital & Web.

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